Sunday, June 15, 2014

Slash from Transformers 4

I didn't like the way the spikes on his legs looked. So, I placed them up side down.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My toy collection part 3

Here are some of my Transformers, with some Microman and some small Chogokin.

Some Batman action figures. I used to have more but I lost them in the mail trying to sell them.

Microman 2000's collection, and some Batman.

Well, on the first shelf  is something few people know or remember: BIG JIM. All the figure made for USA are there with some from Mexico and Europe. The rest is Six Million Dollar Man, Mego, Star Wars, Microman, & GI Joe. Also some of my custom stuff.

Okay, here are some Godzilla, Batman, Power Puff Girls, Spider-Man... You get there rest right?

More Transformers, die-cast cars (Shelby cobras), & super robots.

Go Nagai Characters and Transformer.

R2-D2 and Tekkaman (Techno man). 

Clone troopers & storm troopers.

More microman (2000's) and Batman.

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Toy Collection Part 2

Mazinger Chogokin collection with some custom made Mazinger characters. I used Microman figures for Koji and company. A few Star Wars stuff...

Mazinkaiser and SH Figuarts Kamen Raiders.

This is only part of my collection of Super Robots. Some are model kits & others are action figures.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Toy Collection Part 1

I'm a Batman fan. Here are Mattel's DC Universe Classics Batman figures. I customized some. There is a Catwoman with black suit in front of the 1940's version. I made that one to look more like the comics (I used a Cheetah body). Then there is Harley, she was hard to get so I also used a Cheetah to make her. Then I got lucky and found one. Hiding behind  Batgirl is a Tim Drake I made with a Young Justice Robin. 
Inside the box is Jason Todd Robin I did with the body of  Dick Grayson and the head of Superboy. 
On this shelf I keep some of my Mazinger-Z toys, Die-cast Shelby cars and Batmobiles.
On this picture you can see my collection of  Chogoki, Ultra Act, S H Figuarts, and  Motion Revive Series. From left to right: 1. Mazinger-Z TV show, 2. Great Mazinger TV Show, 3. Grandizer TV,
4. Shin Mazinger- Z TV Show, 5. Mazinkaizer O V A Movie, 6. Glenn Fire (from Ultraman Saga movie), 7. SD Ultraman, 8. Ultraman Zero (also from Ultraman Saga) 9. another SD Ultraman, 10. Ultraman TV, movies and OVA's, 11.SD Kamen Rider Niho, 12. Kamen Rider Ichigo (first  suit) TV, 13. Kamen Rider Nigo (second suit) TV, 14. Another SD Rider, 14. Kamen Rider Kuuga TV, 15. Kamen Rider Agito TV, 16. G3-X ( from Kamen Rider Agito),  17. Kamen Rider Blade, 18. Kamen Rider Kabuto, 19. Space Sheriff Gavan (new Gavan from 2012 movie), 20. Kamen Rider Black Kabuto, 21. Kamen Rider Thebee (from KM Kabuto), 22. Kamen Rider Gatak ( also from Kabuto), 23. Akiba Yellow season 1(from Akiba Ranger), 24. Akiba Red season 1, 25. Akiba Blue season 1,  26. Akiba Yellow season 2,  27. Akiba Red  season 2, 28. Akiba Blue season 2, 29. Kamen Rider Kiva, 30. Kamen Rider Zeronos, 31. Kamen Rider Den-O blue form (Urataros ) 32. Momotaros (from Kamen Rider Den-O) 33. Kamen Raider  Zeronos combine with Deneb, 34.  KM Den-O ( Ryutaros form) 35. KM Den-O (Sieg).

As you can see, I keep the boxes on top of the display.

Here are some of my  SH Figuarts figures and some Transformers. From left to right: This transfomer is from one of the movies. I forgot his name but I like the fact that he only has one eye. Then there is Prowl from Transformers Prime. He is a re-paint from another Transformers Prime figure (Smokescreen).
Then you have from SH Figuarts : Zero from Apocalypse Zero. Next to him another Transformers from a movie. The first one turn into a car, this one into a truck. The fifth figure is a SHFiguarts Kamen Rider OOO (Oz or Os) on his bike (I don't remember the name). The hand you see flouting next to him with the 3 ice cream pops is Ahnk (research Kamen Rider for more info). The plastic cup is from the Lego Movie and is Batman. Number seven is Knock Out (he is from Transformers Prime).
The last 3 are SH Figuarts. There is Kamen Rider Black on his bike Battle Hoper. Then Kamen Rider Ichigo from Kamen Rider The First ( Movie) and last Kamen Rider Nigo from the same movie.
That extra thing is a toy I found on the floor at the local post office...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The last stuff

Yeah, I did it. The  last figures are done ! I used this whole week to do some jobs for  D. Brown .
I hope he likes them ... This Monday I'll be back making DC Universe Classics and putting them at auction  on E-Bay.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Had to make some changes on these...

Made the robot and Salomon Grundy for a client like a month ago. I had to fix them. I  made Grundy taller, and change the robot's skirt.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014